1. when even sophomores are all coupled up

  2. ON THE STREETDeighton Cup

    Deighton Cup is pretty much my absolute favourite event in Vancouver. This is the day when beautiful people, and i mean, BEAUTIFUL people get all dressed to the nine while watching the horse race and drinking champagne all day. It’s THE place to see and be seen!

    Here are some of my favourite looks (and people) that i captured during the event!

    FULL Event recaps are coming to The Social Life!

    MAJOR Thank you for The Social Concierge for having us there!

  3. "I’ll have what she’s having"


    I am MORE than delighted to be a part of the Bastille Day celebration hosted by Tyson and the guys at The Social Concierge 

    The event takes place at the glorious Hycroft Manor last Monday. The night is filled with Exotic French cuisine, accompanied by finely curated french wine and champagne. It’s surely the right way to spend a monday evening.

    For an event as fabulous as this one, i of course, prepare a special outfit. And by special, this time i really mean one-of-a-kind. At least, for the vintage vest that I’m wearing that night! Top it off with my baby blue suit, and a forest green tie, i’m pretty sure i nail Parisian Chic dress code for the night!

    Full event review will be up at stylecalling​ SOON!

    Outfit Photo courtesy of the talented John Bello

  5. fuckyeahdevilwearsprada:

    I’d just like to add:

    Whoever made this Gif,

    She never ever ever said darling. Replace Darling with Andrea, and then you’d be sort of accurate. Correct form: "Don’t be silly, Andrea, everybody wants this. Everybody wants to be us."

    That’s all.  

    (Source: laughlovepartysmile)

  6. #Buns

  7. "I’m not going to be here tomorrow. i’m moving to Paris."

    Sometimes i want to say that statement out loud, and make it happen

  8. After thombrowneny #PFW

  9. There’s only be one actual smile on record.. #SOTD

  10. #Dreamlover come rescue me (at Sylvia Hotel, Restaurant and Lounge)